Sunday, September 25, 2011

Touro University White Coat Ceremony

Today was such an AWESOME day. We were able to attend the White Coat Ceremony for the following classes, Osteopathic Medicine 2015, Physician Assistants 2013, and of course the awesome Physical Therapy students of 2014. It was amazing to see how special and honorable it really is to be able to wear the 'white coat' the following was printed inside the program, and I thought it was really great and put all this schooling into perspective.

Hippocrates advised healthcare providers how they should dress. The dress of healers of primitive societies was an important part of the paraphernalia of healing. The while coat, worn by individuals to connote their education and credentials as healers, is a symbol widely recognized by today's society.

The white coat can reassure even the most anxious that their complaints and concerns will be dealt with competently and seriously. It conveys a sense of authority and guides behaviors of both patient and healthcare provider. The white coat is a cloak of compassion.

The Touro University Nevada White Coat Ceremony was developed to honor our students in osteopathic medicine, physician assistant studies, and physical therapy as they accept the professional responsibilities inherent in their relationship with patients. As students receive their white coats, we encourage them to think about the time-honored professions that they are joining and wear their coats with the requisite sense of professionalism and seriousness.

The ceremony started out with an invocation from the school Rabbi, he even spoke in Hebrew for part of it, which was so cool to hear. Then a description of the White Coat Ceremony and what it symbolizes. The presented the white coats to all the students as they read each students name. It was really interesting because they had one professor shake the coat first, to symbolize the new beginning of their education, another professor put the coat on, and then the Dean of each program shook each students hand after to symbolize them being welcomed into the Touro Medical family. I loved it! I think it is so much more meaningful when they explain how everything is so symbolic. After the coatings, they all stood and took the oath for the first time, committing themselves to the professional careers they have ahead.

As a physical therapy professional, i embrace my responsibility and accountability to the individuals I serve, the community as a whole, and my profession.

I believe that physical therapy is a calling to help the whole person- body, mind and soul. As a physical therapist, I will strive not only to resolve movement disorders but prevent them, while inspiring others to reach beyond barriers and limitations. I commit myself to the following professional obligations and values:

To use the best evidence and skills of my profession at all times;

To exercise judgment to the highest degree of which I am capable when determining he treatment to be offered;

To refrain from treatment when it will not benefit the patient;

To always place the welfare of my patients above my own self-interest. I pledge to uphold and preserve the rights and esteem of every person placed in my care;

To hold all confidences in trust;

To exercise all aspects of my calling with dignity and honor;

I commit myself to the highest ideal of service, lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge.

I will respect the scientific gains and clinical evidence of the physical therapists who have proceeded me and I will use this knowledge in educating those who come after me.

Dr. Suzanne Brown, Director of the School of Physical Therapy

Ryan being coated

The three of us, happy and proud little family!

Steve and Melissa Bartlett, and their son Jayden (3 weeks older than Easton). Steve and Ryan worked together in Logan, and both got into the PT program here, it's been fun for them to have each other in class since they get along so well!

Friday, September 16, 2011

fitness on a budget

I've finally snapped out of my "I just had a baby" excuse, and I've started exercising again. It feels so good! It's so much easier to exercise when there isn't a baby sharing your body! Anyway, since I don't have enough money to afford a gym membership, or crazy workout DVD programs and equipment, I've made up my own. On top of going for walks and trying to run with Easton in the stroller, I've found a couple workout shows that are on each morning in our Direct TV package.

The first is my favorite, it's Gilad Body's in Motion, and Total Body Sculpt. Here are the program times, but I have just been recording them onto my DVR so I can do it later in the morning, but they are 30 minutes each.

The next one is the Total Body Workout on BYU TV. Here is it's schedule. It's a series of Yoga and Aerobic programs, this one is a little cheesier than Gilad (but what exercise show isn't cheesy??) But it actually is a good yoga program. They are 1 hour each, and again, I just DVR it so I can workout later in the morning.

And lastly...the funniest/cheapest part of it all: when they tell you to pick up your weights, I pick up boxes of butter (pre-weighed!). And in yoga when you need a strap for different positions, I get a belt. Yes, yes. I'm THAT person. It works great though! I am going to have to find something around the house that weighs more than my 1 pound boxes of butter soon though :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We have had such a change in weather since last night! It's been way rainy, windy, and lots of fun thunder and lightening! It started last night around 10:00, when I woke up with Easton at 5:30, I looked out the window and it had all dried up. But then at 8:00, it was back with a vengence! A couple minutes ago, a huge thunder clapped and it shifted the frames on the wall behind me! CRAZZZYYY!!

The tree in our front yard blew over...completely up-rooted!

The road in front of Ryan's school (and many other in the valley) has turned into a river

And this guy can't get enough of it! He thinks it's great and is so smiley when I turn his bouncer toward the window to watch the flashes in the sky!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

4 years down...eternity to go!

This is a couple weeks late, but I couldn't let our anniversary go un-noted! It was such a great time this year, and something different since we have a little one now. It's amazing how much a little one can bring you together as a couple and make your marriage even stronger than it was before. So it made this year's anniversary really special!

We went 'out' to celebrate while my mom, grandma and aunt were here so they could babysit. So we took off into Vegas and went to a magic show at the Paris Hotel and then ate at Mon Ami Gabi, a really yummy french restaraunt in the Paris. After dinner, we walked the Strip for a while, stopped to watch the Bellagio fountains, and of course people watched. We were eager to get home though since it was our first time leaving our little guy, so we were back home by 10:00! (We aren't really big 'downtown Vegas' folks)

On our actual anniversary, Ryan had school all day, so I hung out with the other love of my life all day, and got a yummy candlelit dinner ready for when Ryan came home. Ryan had a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to me. I carried it up and downstairs (depending on what room I was in) that way I could enjoy them all day! For dinner, I made us London Broil, baked potatoes, broccoli and carrots with cheese, salad, and homemade rolls! Easton gave us the best gift of all, and took a good nap during our dinner! It was all so so yummy, and we had way too many leftovers!

I'm so glad that we are here in Vegas as a happy family! Ryan is such a great husband, dad, student, and provider!

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 months

Yesterday was Easton's two month birthday! Time is going by way too fast! I can't believe how much personality and expression he already is showing! He definitely knows what he wants, and is so happy after he gets it, which makes him a VERY easy and happy baby! I feel so lucky that he doesn't have colic or reflux, I don't know how we are so blessed to have such a good little guy! He is a big and healthy mini man! Here are his two months stats and info:

  • 13 lb. 2 oz. (77th percentile)
  • 24.2 inches long (77th percentile)
  • 15 inch head circumference (60th percentile)
  • Sleeps in his crib since 5 weeks (now 9 weeks)
  • Sleeps from 10:30 PM-4:00 AM, then sleeps until 7-8 AM and we start his day
  • Still eats every 3 hours
  • Napping in his crib each time like a CHAMP! (that took some work in the 'self-soothing' dept)
  • Tries SOO hard to suck his thumb, he's actually gotten ahold of it a couple times
  • LOVES the bath! He gets one each night as part of his bedtime routine, and even if he's upset before, he cheers up and is so smiley in the tub!
  • He has the prettiest blue blue eyes, the nurse told me they will probably stay this color...keep your fingers crossed!!
  • He thinks ceiling fans are the most entertaining thing in the world, and will stare and giggle at them forever!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A couple months ago, Ryan's parents came home from his grandparents house with a big bag of old San Francisco 49er's clothes. They'd all belonged to his Grandpa who'd wear them all back in the 80's and 90's to the games while they lived in the Bay Area.

Anyway, They were getting rid of all these clothes and thought Ryan might be interested in them, since he is such a big 49er's fan...well, they were a little dated! Instead of throwing them out or giving them to the DI, I decided to make a "game-day quilt" out of them. Finally months later, and a move to a different state later, I got started on the project! This has been my first sewing project in a long time, so there was a lot of trial and error involved, as well as no pattern, just guessing and placing. But I think it turned out great! There was even a little bit of left over black fabric that I had to buy, so I made Easton a matching little my boys can watch the games in style this season!