Friday, July 27, 2012

Guess What....

This will be our HOME SWEET HOME in October!

Ryan will be starting his first rotation of Physical Therapy school! He will be working in a hospital for a month in San Francisco! Easton and I will be joining him there, and we can't wait for a fun month long adventure!
We just found out last night, so we aren't sure of many details at the moment. But, right now, we are just thrilled and excited to get to spend so much time in a beautiful city!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Easton's First Birthday

For Easton's birthday this year we had TWO celebrations! One while Ryan's family was in town, and another on his actual birthday. 
The first one was celebrated onThursday, July 5 at the rental house, we swam all day, then Ryan took Easton home for a good long nap. Ryan's sister's helped me get everything all ready while Grandma and Grandpa took all the kids to a movie. Kristin is a master cake decorator and helped Lauren and I try our hand at it...we ended up just leaving her to it, since she is such a pro! 
Kristin is very talented...I told you!
Julie came with me to run some errands, getting some last minute ingredients and the balloons! When we got back, we set up the banner and baseball lanterns. His birthday theme was centered on the San Francisco Giants and baseball! Ryan and I had found some fun plates and napkins a few days earlier, and the balloons we got him were orange and black (even a tiger striped one to represent Toby, his favorite tiger animal!)
The party center, with the tiny man of the hour under all those balloons

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

Such a happy boy! He pretty much only had raspberries for get what you want on your birthday!
 For dinner we had burgers on the grill, yummy fruit, and tons of chips and salsas! Yummy! For his presents, he got a Walk 'n' Ride from G&G Broadbent, a mini 4-wheeler from G&G Doyle, a basketball hoop, and bath toys from Ryan and I, and another basketball bath toy from the Dahl family. 
Walk 'n' Ride from Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent
opening bath toys form the Dahl Family

He loved to push this everywhere!
Showing his cousin Chase his cool new toys, what a sharer!

"another one for me?!"

"Check out these toys Chase!
Confused by the ribbon, and not interesting in the card....classic one year old
awesome new 4-wheeler from Grandma and Grandpa Doyle
Easton did NOT like cake! He was so mad that we were trying to make him touch the frosting and eat it, crazy kid! 
"why are you all singing to me?"
"I already ate dinner, so no thanks!"
We were so glad we had some family in town to celebrate with, it made it feel more real to have cousins running all around him!

On his real birthday, Sunday July 8, Easton was acting a little off at church all day. We came home and put him down for a nap at his usual time, and when he woke up, he had a high fever. Our friends Jake and Haley came over and their cute little boy Kruz to celebrate. We again had burgers, salad, watermelon, many delicious things! We felt so bad for Easton though because he was crying and so miserable the whole night. 
I tried to put the skills I learned from Kristin into these cakes
We finally got him to drink his milk at bedtime, and got some medicine in him, and he went right to bed while we played games downstairs. His fever got up to 103.6 in the middle of the night, it was so sad and scary, but luckily after he ate a little more food, and had some more ibuprofen, he broke the fever in the morning! So glad that the Cowdin's were able to come over and celebrate with us! 
Is this not the saddest birthday face you've ever seen?
Kruz was a helper and blew out the candles for Little Ink

SO excited for the candle....Kruz, not Easton haha

"Don't you know I'm sick and don't like cake?!"

Poor bubba!
He felt better the next morning, and got another package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent. It was full of books and cell phones....which was a box straight from heaven to him! 
We love Easton so much, and can't believe he is ONE! He figured out how to stand himself back up without holding onto anything a couple days after his first birthday, so he is officially a toddler now....what happened to my little baby?? It's so fun to watch him grow and learn everyday though!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

12 months old!

My sweet little Easton is a year old!!! When people say that time flies, they are NOT lying! I really can't believe how fast a year has gone. He has been such a gem, and we have been beyond spoiled with such a good, happy and easy baby! Seriously, we have been so lucky to have a baby sleep every night, through the night since 9 weeks old, and put himself to sleep after we put him in bed wide awake. He has always been a good eater, and only gotten sick twice in the whole year. Both times, it was only a day or two long. He is the best! Some of the things he has been up to include:

  • walking 7-8 steps between mom and dad, and cruising around everything he can pull himself up on.
  • He weighs 27 pounds, 90%
  • He is 31 inches tall, 90%
  • His head is 15 inches, 90-95%
  • He switched to whole milk at 11.5 months, and didn't put up any fuss about the switch.
  • He drinks about 4 ounces milk in the morning, and about 4-6 ounces at night.
  • He eats 3 full meals in between bottles
  • Still can't quite tip the sippy cup enough to drink out of.
  • He loves Cheez-Its, Goldfish, Veggie Straws, strawberries, cheese, graham crackers, greek yogurt, go gurts, oreos, apple and cran-apple juice
  • He loves putting things 'away' like snacks back into the cups, or toys into buckets or his basket.
  • He is a great rebounder for Ryan, when Ryan shots the basketball into the hoop, Easton loves to chase down the ball and bring it back.
  • He love love loves reading books. He will pick one out, and crawl over quickly, throw the book on your lap, and then climb on top
  • He knows how to give "knucks" and sometimes high-fives. 
  • Gives "bonks" by hitting your foreheads together
  • He loves to point and say "iss" for "this"
  • He says "aye dah!" for "dad"
  • "om om om" is for "mom"
  • He got his first fever on his first birthday, so sad! Luckily it only lasted that night and into the next morning. 
  • wearing 18 month clothes
  • Just moved into size 5 diapers

Doyle Family Vacation

This last week, Ryan's whole family, except one, came down to Las Vegas for a vacay! It was so nice to have them all here and be able to spend time with them. Even better that it was like a 'staycation' for us since we were able to come home to our own bed and house every night!
His parents and sister Kristin and her family came down on Monday afternoon. We went over that night for swimming and dinner with them.
Tuesday,we went swimming all morning after a delicious breakfast of rollers (crepes) and bacon. Easton had to come home to take a nap. That afternoon, Lauren came into town, we missed DJ and wished he could have been there too! After nap time, we headed back for more swimming.That night, Norm and Kim volunteered to watch all the grandkids while we took Kristin, Kasey and Lauren out on the town...I think our idea of a "Vegas night out" is a lot different than what the average person would think! We ended up bringing them back to our house to see it, then out to eat at our favorite place, Lucielle's. We tried to go see a movie, but forgot it was the opening week for the new Spiderman, and the lines were way too long! So we ended up going back to the house early! BORING plans, but way fun company! So we ended up having an awesome night with everyone! When we got back to the house, Norm and Kim told us how great Easton was...for the first hour, then he cried and cried, hated the bath with his cousins! They said he stood in the middle and screamed and cried, while Kristin's four kids sat around him plugging their ears, haha! He cried after they tried putting him down the first time. So they brought him back down, and luckily he cheered up and played with them for awhile, until he was finally ready to sleep. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
Wednesday was the 4th of July! After Easton's morning nap, we met up with the rest of the family, and headed out to Hoover Dam. We drove over the big new bridge, and then walked down across the dam. It was super windy, and little rainy. Luckily the wind was blowing so hard, that the rain dried before it could get us wet. It was crazy! After the dam, we found a fun park in Boulder City, and ate our yummy picnic lunch, and the kids loved playing on the playground and throwing the frisbee. We came home afterwards, and Easton took another nap. Then headed back out to Boulder City for the fireworks. They were such awesome and great fireworks! We were even lucky enough to get a spot right smack-dab in the middle of the main field, in front of the band. We have NO idea how there was a giant spot left open since every other inch of the field was taken, but we loved and snagged it! Norm and Kim bought everyone dinner at the field, and we ate our yummy burgers and fries and listened to the band. Talk about an all-American family type of night! Julie and her family had driven into Las Vegas just as we were leaving for Boulder, and they met us at the field for fireworks JUST as the lights were going out, and the show was starting! Perfect timing! The fireworks show was amazing, it was 20minutes long, and beautiful! Easton loved watching them and also loved crawling around between cousins and playing with the glowsticks!
Thursday, we swam and then celebrated Easton's cute! More on that in another post!
Friday, Lauren flew back home for a rodeo she was competing in that night. We again, headed over to swim in the morning. Ryan took Easton home for a nap, and I went with everyone else to the Silverton Casino to see the Mermaid show in the aquarium. It was so much fun to watch the kids stare in awe! They had a ton of awesome fish, eels, and rays in the tank. After we watched the show, Norm bought everyone some yummy gelato from a cute little booth in the casino. The kids loved it! I got the sea salt carmel, and it was to DIE for! Such delicious ice cream...or gelato, what's the difference? That night, we of course swam, and had a yummy dinner again our on the patio.
Saturday morning, we headed over to see everyone off. They had to be checked out of the house by 11:00, so we said our goodbyes, and they were off! We were sad to see them go, but SO glad they all came down to see us in Las Vegas, and were able to have a fun vacation too!

Easton and Chase loved crawling around together all week!

Ryan, Easton, Chase and Jaab :)

Mermaid show! Maddie was in awe! It was so cute!

Navi was my helper with Easton at the park!

Easton and Navi on the playground :)

swimming with Papa!

Poppi and Easton watching the fireworks

grandkids getting their glowsticks on!

getting glowsticked after dinner

fireworks started and he couldn't take his off of them!

Such a happy baby!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Baja California Cruise

Ryan and I have been looking forward to this cruise for SO long! A week after we got home from Utah, we headed out! My parents were so sweet to drive all the way down, and watch Easton while we were gone. Not only did they babysit for a week, but they painted our whole kitchen, cleaned windows, picked up the backyard, and even helped us paint the stairwell as well when we got back. They are the BEST! Easton loved having them here, the morning we left for the cruise, my dad was reading a story with him, and he cried when we picked him up to hug and kiss him goodbye, then calmed right back down when we sat him back down with Grandpa for his story. That was the ONLY time I cried about leaving him. I was feeling really guilty at first, but I knew he was in good hands while we were gone. 
Our cruise took us from Long Beach, CA, to Catalina Island, Ensenada MX, and then back up to Long Beach after a day at sea. So it was 4 days, and 3 nights, and I thought that was plenty of time!
We loved the dinners, and the Mongolian grill for lunchs. Our favorite food of all was the Melting Chocolate Cake. Oh. My. Gosh. I could die. It was the most delicious and rich yummy dessert I've ever had! I had to refrain from orders multiple cakes per night! 
While we were in Catalina, we hung out the beach and did some window shopping. Walked down towards the big theatre in town and enjoyed the sun! We decided to go canoeing when we saw how much cheaper it was from the actual canoe company versus through the cruise excursion people. It was so much fun! We canoed for about an hour, and then headed back to the ship. That night was our 'fancy night' so we got dressed up and headed to dinner. I was too freezing to stay dressed up passed dinner, so we went back to our room, changed into comfier clothes, and then went up to the comedy show.
The next morning, we were in Ensenada Mexico. It was nothing like what you'd picture as a Mexican beach vacation! The port was part of their industrial port, and it took a 40 minute bus ride to get to the attractions advertised! We decided to go for it though! The bus drive took us through "town" and really sad big field areas where people lived in such teeny tiny broken down homes. Once we got to the flea market and the La Bufadora (the big blow hole in the ocean) we were attacked by salesmen trying to get us to buy their goods. It was crazy, and kinda fun to try bartering with them! We ended up getting a new wallet for Ryan, a wonderful head scratcher, so cute leather sandals, a great bag and sunhat for me, and a little tee-shirt for Easton. All for about $30. Screaming deals! The La Bufadora was a LOT cooler than we expected. It shot the water so high into the air, and it did it so often! It was fun to compare the different sizes of the bursts! Once we were bussed back from the flea market, we had a free buffet...different, but yummy and authentic!
Our day at sea was overcast and cold. So we were able to hang out on the deck or swim without freezing. So we played mini golf and watched a bunch of shows. It was great!
When we got back home, Easton hadn't missed us too much, he had fun with his Grandma and Grandpa, but he was excited to see us! He stayed up a while passed his nap time and was all smiles while he played with us! He LOVED the head scratcher from the flea market, and thought it was so funny! 
I'm so in love with that dang cake!
fancy night, waiting for dinner!

Eating our delicious Mongolian lunch on the deck
Mini Golf professional!
my mini golfer!
Welcome to Mexico!

La Bufadora blowing up the water!

Easton reading with Grandpa before we left

Swimming with Grandpa

Watering the plants with Grandma