Friday, September 19, 2014


I can't believe my little guy started preschool. He has done SO well in his first week, and gets so excited to go! I teared up thinking about it every time it was brought up beforehand. SOMEHOW, by a miracle, I held it together for him on his first day (can't say the same about orientation night...) He as beaming and smiling from ear to ear when I picked him up and couldn't wait to get down the hall before he had to show me the pictures he had colored for me. I think he is going to do so well there, and grow so much. It's good for him to have his own 'thing' and he loves that it means he is a big boy! The teachers have said that he is super cooperative and loves to participate and follows the rules so far. Hopefully he continues to do so. He is one of the youngest in the group (and biggest in size) since he just turned 3 in July, so hopefully he will not be too hard on the teachers!
I'm just so proud of him, and can't believe how brave my little guy is!

my grown up boy!

Spiderman backpack = coolest backpack EVER!

He couldn't wait, he wasn't even running, he was more like skip/hop/running inside

my partner. 

waiting in line....

Finally time to go into class and start his next adventure! He didn't even look back, I was so proud!

Celebration ice cream cones!

Sacramento Trip

Ryan's Grandpa Miller threw a surprise 80th birthday party for Grandma Shirley, and part of the big surprise was flying in all the family members from far away.The trip started out on a bit of a sad note for Easton....he lost one of his beloved Toby's at the airport. Luckily we still have one. After countless phone calls to the airport, shuttle service, and rental car Lost and Found Departments, I have had to accept that he is really lost. Breaks my heart for Easton, he still asks about his 'nother Toby daily. Despite that, it was so much fun to be out in California with everyone. Kim got a fun 100 year old house for us all to stay in, Easton and Claire were the only kids there, so there was a lot of fun time to hang out and talk with our siblings. We flew in late Friday night, Saturday we met with Grandpa at his ranch for a BBQ with him, Lynn and Michael, Lisa and Tim, and Joel and Melissa came with their cute new baby. Easton LOOOVED Grandpa's goat Little Lady, and fed her about ten thousand goat treats. We walked all along the gorgeous rows of mandarin trees in the orchard. Then talked and talked at the table after eating. Easton played in the sprinkler, fed the goat, played in the sprinkler, then fed the goat some more. He was in a little boys paradise! That night, we had dinner at home and swam at the house. Sunday, we hung out all morning, swam some more, and then got ready to go. We first stopped at the cemetary to see Grandma Miller's grave, then we headed to the party at a pretty little winery. It was so much fun, and she was so surprised! We met more cousins there, and figured it had been 10-12 years since Ryan had last seen them. Sonja and her son Declan sat at our table, Easton loved having a little buddy to run around with! That night, we stayed up way too late talking again with everyone. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:30...but Ryan and I slept through the alarm and didn't wake up until 6:30. Being 45 minutes away from the airport, plus returning the rental car, and checking baggage, we knew that wouldn't work. So we cancelled those flight and had to rebook a later time. Geez, a pretty penny later, we made it back to Las Vegas safe and sound! It was such a fun weekend and we are so glad we got to go!
Jet Setter. This kid has flown so much in his short 3 years

Little Lady.

THE cutest sprinkler jumper. EVER.

Safe to say that Grandpa pulled it off and surprised her!

Utah September 2014

I planned to take Easton up to Utah to see our families one last time before I got too far along in pregnancy. I didn't want to be uncomfortable driving up, but knew that we wouldn't be making it up for the holidays and that we would want to see everyone! I'm so glad that we did, we had such a great time, and were able to do some awesome things with everyone! We drove up Thursday. Friday we went to the Ogden Temple Openhouse with my mom and Michelle, and also say my grandparents there. The temple was gorgeous and Easton was blown away by all the pictures of Jesus and all of the mirrors. Afterwards, we went to Zupas for lunch. That night we went to Jordan's soccer game and saw all the kids. We got to see Norm get his USU Club Baseball World Series ring during the football game on Saturday. Spent the night in Logan and had fun with Kristin and Daxon since they stayed with us. Sunday afternoon, we had FHE with my grandparents and Jill and Royal at Michelle's house. Monday, my mom and Jeanette and I took Easton, Jack and Luke to the Hogle Zoo. It was so much fun, and definitely the highlight of the trip! Tuesday, we planned to drive home, but because of heavy rains in Vegas, there was flooding, and a part of the freeway broke apart in Moapa Valley. So we stayed an extra day while they got a detour figured out. That day we met up with Haley and her cute kids in Kaysville for lunch, then Easton and I went to Target to go backpack shopping for him to start preschool! Wednesday, we headed out bright and early, but made sure to stop in Lehi to see Danielle and her two cute kids as well. We stayed for a few hours and had lunch with them, then we were on our way back to Vegas. It was such a fun trip, and I'm so glad we were able to go up and spend quality time with some of our favorite people!

Ogden Temple
we could barely get him away from the reflection pool

guess who wanted fruit snacks from the car....This guy ^^

Michelle, Me, Easton, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa

Norm getting his ring

the whole team being honored

Easton LOVED the binoculars

he thought this was his lion. and ONLY his. 

big boys


watching the elephant play in the pool

Toby made his appearance towards the end of the day...which means the thumb was gone.

three little blondie boys

most intense looking gorilla....ever.


Merry-Go-Round fun

Target always has some gems

helping Grandpa mow on the tractor

Happy 7th Anniversary

We made it past the 7 year mark, and I have to be honest....I've still not felt the dreaded '7 year itch' that everyone talks about. I still love Ryan as much as I did from the first day, and even more so now over time. He is the best decision I've ever made, and I feel so lucky to have him!
This year for our anniversary, we headed to the Linq. We first had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, YARDHOUSE. Afterwards we headed to the High Roller and rode the awesome new Ferris Wheel. It was so gorgeous to see the amazing views across the whole valley, we loved it! Then we topped off the night with the most delicious ice cream sundae from Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, and watched a live percussion performance going on in the center of the square.  It was such a fun night...and like a true 7 year old married couple expecting another baby...we were home and in bed by 10:30. It was a classic Vegas night ya might say ;)

Top of the High Roller

7 years and going strong!

this is the way to a pregnant woman's heart.

High Roller in all it's glory!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

House For Sale!

Ryan and I have ALWAYS been looking at houses and developments since we moved to Las Vegas and have gotten to know the area more. It's one of our favorite pastimes, and a couple months ago we stumbled upon such a gorgeous neighborhood in an area called Southern Highlands here in Las Vegas. It also had one of the biggest lots we found...ever (just under 1/4 acre, haha!) We loved it so much, so we made the decision that we would put money down on the lot, and get the house listed. We have a contract with the builder that hopefully our home now will be under contract to be sold within 30 days then they will break ground to start building the new home. We are keeping our fingers crossed, but also know that what will happen...will happen. IF everything goes to plan, and our home sells, we will be in a rental for the holidays and when the new baby comes, then the house would be ready in February. If the house doesn't sell however, we will stay put through everything and relist in the springtime and hope to find another lot that we love as much as the one in Southern Highlands!
Home Listing:

Our house plan in Southern Highlands

Easton's Big Boy Room

Easton is officially in a big boy ROOM! We took the front off of his crib in January, and he did well in the toddler style bed, and this summer we finally got around to cleaning our the office and turning that into a usable bedroom. The whole thing turned our DARLING! Ryan did all the painting and it looks great! I also got a dresser from a friend that was moving a few months back, and I planned to refinish it, and of course Ryan took it over for me, and did such a great job! I am so happy with how the whole room turned out, and Easton is even more thrilled! His favorite part is definitely the basketball hoop. He can't wait until Papa gets home from work and they can go up to shoot hoops together!

The complete room

Dresser BEFORE! Doesn't it look better after Ryan got ahold of it!