Friday, September 19, 2014

Utah September 2014

I planned to take Easton up to Utah to see our families one last time before I got too far along in pregnancy. I didn't want to be uncomfortable driving up, but knew that we wouldn't be making it up for the holidays and that we would want to see everyone! I'm so glad that we did, we had such a great time, and were able to do some awesome things with everyone! We drove up Thursday. Friday we went to the Ogden Temple Openhouse with my mom and Michelle, and also say my grandparents there. The temple was gorgeous and Easton was blown away by all the pictures of Jesus and all of the mirrors. Afterwards, we went to Zupas for lunch. That night we went to Jordan's soccer game and saw all the kids. We got to see Norm get his USU Club Baseball World Series ring during the football game on Saturday. Spent the night in Logan and had fun with Kristin and Daxon since they stayed with us. Sunday afternoon, we had FHE with my grandparents and Jill and Royal at Michelle's house. Monday, my mom and Jeanette and I took Easton, Jack and Luke to the Hogle Zoo. It was so much fun, and definitely the highlight of the trip! Tuesday, we planned to drive home, but because of heavy rains in Vegas, there was flooding, and a part of the freeway broke apart in Moapa Valley. So we stayed an extra day while they got a detour figured out. That day we met up with Haley and her cute kids in Kaysville for lunch, then Easton and I went to Target to go backpack shopping for him to start preschool! Wednesday, we headed out bright and early, but made sure to stop in Lehi to see Danielle and her two cute kids as well. We stayed for a few hours and had lunch with them, then we were on our way back to Vegas. It was such a fun trip, and I'm so glad we were able to go up and spend quality time with some of our favorite people!

Ogden Temple
we could barely get him away from the reflection pool

guess who wanted fruit snacks from the car....This guy ^^

Michelle, Me, Easton, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa

Norm getting his ring

the whole team being honored

Easton LOVED the binoculars

he thought this was his lion. and ONLY his. 

big boys


watching the elephant play in the pool

Toby made his appearance towards the end of the day...which means the thumb was gone.

three little blondie boys

most intense looking gorilla....ever.


Merry-Go-Round fun

Target always has some gems

helping Grandpa mow on the tractor

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