Friday, September 19, 2014


I can't believe my little guy started preschool. He has done SO well in his first week, and gets so excited to go! I teared up thinking about it every time it was brought up beforehand. SOMEHOW, by a miracle, I held it together for him on his first day (can't say the same about orientation night...) He as beaming and smiling from ear to ear when I picked him up and couldn't wait to get down the hall before he had to show me the pictures he had colored for me. I think he is going to do so well there, and grow so much. It's good for him to have his own 'thing' and he loves that it means he is a big boy! The teachers have said that he is super cooperative and loves to participate and follows the rules so far. Hopefully he continues to do so. He is one of the youngest in the group (and biggest in size) since he just turned 3 in July, so hopefully he will not be too hard on the teachers!
I'm just so proud of him, and can't believe how brave my little guy is!

my grown up boy!

Spiderman backpack = coolest backpack EVER!

He couldn't wait, he wasn't even running, he was more like skip/hop/running inside

my partner. 

waiting in line....

Finally time to go into class and start his next adventure! He didn't even look back, I was so proud!

Celebration ice cream cones!

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