Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Such A Fun Summer!

We have had so much fun this summer, and then into the school year. We have been on vacations, spent lots of time with friends, done a LOT of swimming and playing, had countless fun visitors! We really haven't slowed down for a second, and it has been great! I want to make sure I document all of the fun, so this is going to be a big photo filled post, enjoy!

Autumn sweeping Easton off his feet!

Many many summer days were spent here, at the Harris' pool, playing all day and night! (Sheena, how do I not even have ONE picture of us after all the time we've been together???)

I painted stripes in our kitchen, and I LOOVE them!

One of my best friends Chelsea was moving from AZ back to UT, and stayed with me for a few days, and I loved every single second of it so much!

We had fun at our ward party at the Whitney Ranch Rec Center

Easton and I have had COUNTLESS lazy days in our PJ's at home all day playing!

My date while Ryan is at school, we went out for icecream :) 

My mom came to visit at the end of August, and Easton loved cuddling up to his Grandma

Easton has grown cuter and cuter everyday, I don't know how he does it?

I told you....he's TOOO cute!

We have babysat  been lucky enough to have friends come over to wear Easton out for naptime!

Celebrated FIVE YEARS of marriage! I love him!

Had a fun girls day out with Haley, Harvest Festival and Lunch, we did it together last year, and it is 100% going to be an annual tradition. I love this girl!

Had a LOT of monsoon type summer thunderstorms, and loved the cool 80 degree temps they bring

We watch a lot of shows

Since our friends, Kevin and Lyndie now live in St. George, we have already been up to stay with them once, and they've come here twice, and we are LOVING having them so much closer!
We spent some more time at Run Plus Fun, Easton and his new buddy Kru that we love!

Easton is a 'lab rat' for the Touro PT students, helping them practice and learn the developments of kids for their pediatric course.

Fast as lightening little runner!

Monday, September 3, 2012

5 years of Bliss

Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, I had the best day of my life! It's so much fun to look back through all of the photos from our wedding, I could do a photo overload, but I'll refrain.

August 30 2007
I was SUCH  a happy bride
of course, at Lindquist second home growing up.
love you beby!
end of a perfect night!
I'm so lucky to have married such an incredible man. He is so sweet and thoughtful, and also is a manly man and makes me feel so special. It's amazing how he can be SO many things for me. I just love him!

Dinner at Lucielle's
It was Ryan's year to plan our anniversary and he went above and beyond, and completely spoiled me! Our actual anniversary was on Thursday, while my mom was in town. So she stayed home with Easton, while we went out for a quick dinner at our favorite restaurant Lucielle's. Since we planned on celebrating over the weekend, we came home right after and got Easton to bed, and did one of the most unromantic...but fun things I could think of....CLEANED THE CARPETS! (Ha, I'd rented a rug doctor and needed to return it the next morning.)

The real celebration was last weekend. Saturday afternoon, we dropped Easton off at our friend Nick and Sheena's and then headed up to Summerlin. We checked into our hotel the Red Rock Resort, and went straight to the pool. It was so relaxing! Ryan took a nap, and I read my book, and we were able to just hung out on the fluffy lounge chairs for a couple hours!
After the pool closed, we went up to the room, and I took a long bath and watched Top Gun (I NEED to have a tv above my tub one day!) Then we got ready and went down to dinner.
Waiting for dinner at Yardhouse
We walked around the casino for awhile, got tickets to the movie 'The Campaign' then went to dinner at Yardhouse. It was such yummy food, and we wish we lived closer so we could go more often.
me bowling
Ryan bowling
After dinner, we went bowling, I started out strong, but ended up being HORRIBLE, and Ryan won by a long shot! We still had awhile til our movie started, so we went to the sports book and watched some games until it was movie-time. The movie didn't start until 10:45, so we were tired enough that EVERYTHING was really funny! We laughed throughout the whole movie and had a great time!
After the show, we headed up to bed and wished that our bedroom at home was as gorgeous as the hotel room! We went right to bed and didn't wake up until 9:30. We got ready and checked out by 11:00, and as we drove away, we were wishing we could have enough money to afford to stay more than one night, haha!

It was such a fun anniversary weekend, and I am so lucky to have Ryan to spend every anniversary with, and every day in between!