Friday, August 1, 2014

St. George and Zions with the Broadbent fam

My family planned a weekend trip to Zions National Park this year, and we stayed at my mom's friend Leslie's gorgeous home! It was so much fun to meet up with everyone! Easton LOVED playing with his cousins all weekend, and running around spending quality time with his grandparents, aunts and uncles!
On Thursday night, we went the DUB's BBQ for dinner, then headed back to the house to put the kids down. The rest of the family had stopped at Kolob Canyon on their way to St. George, so they were pretty pooped from a long day of traveling and sight-seeing.
Friday, we went into Zion's Park and spent the day on the fun tour bus, and hiking a few simple hikes with the kids. We found a nice big tree and had a mini picnic, then my mom and I and Easton, and Clark and Annie and the boys headed back home, while the rest of the family stayed to travel up to the top of the canyon, and hike some more. Annie and I went to Deseret Book to get me some new maternity garments (yay so exciting, haha!) and also to Tai Pan to get a few things for Easton's new big boy room. We met up with the rest of the family at The BrickOven for a yummy pizza dinner that night, and then headed back home to go to bed! I colored Annie's hair that night, and it turned out great despite the late hours haha!
Saturday morning, my dad, Michelle, Jeanette and I went to a session at the St. George pretty! Afterwards we met up with everyone else at the Children's Museum, then we split up mom, Jeanette, Easton and I went to Chik Fil A and the outlets to shop. Clark and Annie and the boys went back to the house to nap. And my dad and the Welling fam went for a drive up Snow Canyon and to see the Tuachan venue. That night after we were all done with our little adventures, we all headed to Mesquite to the Virgin River Buffet. So tasty, Easton and Jack at almost all the jello and ice cream that place has to offer, and Easton made sure Grandma was accompanied 100% of the time by never leaving her side!
We headed back home after dinner, and everyone else went back up to St. George, then home to Ogden the next morning. It was such a fun little trip, and so great to see everyone! I love my family so much and we always have fun together!

hiking at Zion's

walking through the waterfall with Michelle

playing on the 'shower' with Grandma

gorgeous views everywhere you look!

Diet Cokes and Smoothie's with Grandma while we waited for everyone else to finish their hike. 

Easton didn't want to stay in bed, so the most awesome Grandpa ever decided it was a good night for a sleepover. cutest thing EVER!

Morning at the temple with some of my very favorite people!

Children's Museum.

playing with the buckets on the 'ship' with Luke and Grandpa

pancake breakfast with cousins and Leslie's grandkids!

20 weeks...and A GENDER!!!

On July 24th, I couldn't even sleep was baby gender day!!! When I was pregnant with Easton, we went to a ultrasound clinic called Fetal Fotos, and found out he was a boy at 13 being 20 weeks with this one seemed like an ETERNITY to wait on finding out the gender!! I killed time that morning by going to the gym, and then packing up for Easton and I to go to St. George and meet my family for the weekend. Finally it came time for the appointment! I scheduled it for early afternoon so Ryan could meet us on his lunch break, and be there to hear the big news!
Thank goodness we didn't have to wait long for the appointment in the waiting room. Our appointment was at 1:15, and the time stamp on the gender ultrasound picture was 1:17....and it was obviously a BOY!!!! We were so excited and Easton was so happy that it is going to be a brother. Ryan gave a few fist pumps and was smiling ear to ear...his dream come true to have another boy! I was a little surprised, I thought it was a girl the whole time, but I am just as happy with a boy...I'm just happy to be getting another baby, and feel so lucky and blessed to have this little miracle join our family this winter!
We announced the big news to my family that night at dinner in St. George. I ordered cupcakes with blue filling so it was a surprise when they all bit into them at the same time! My mom and Jeanette and I went shopping one afternoon while we were there, and got lots of fun new little cozy outfits for this new little man coming to join us!



thumbs up...I'm a boy!

another thumb sucker, just like his big brother

baby foot...**swoon!**

thumbs up again

a foot....somewhere in there?

as Ryan says..."He's Kapernicking"

his arm was up by his face the whole time.

top view of his head, sucking his little thumb


still snuggled with his arm up

July 23rd, day before the ultrasound, 19 weeks 4 days.
it's BLUE! my mom was super surprised and said she was fully expecting pink...tricked her!


He's gonna be a proud big brother!
Sunday July 27, 20 weeks 2 days....and feeling hearty!

Easton turns 3!

Easton had been looking forward to his birthday for a LONG time leading up to the actual day! He practiced blowing out his candles multiple times because he asked for them to be on almost every meal, every day, and it wasn't really worth the tears to tell him no. ha! (Unfortunate for him, the candles didn't even light at his party because there was a little bit of breeze...he didn't care though luckily!)
The night before his birthday, my friend Laura and I spent much of our 'Bachelorette' watching time blowing up tons of balloons to hang in front of his door the following morning. It looked awesome, and I was so excited for him to wake up and see them all. The poor little guy though woke up in the middle of the night, and when he went to open his door to come into our room, he saw them in the darkness, and was completely petrified! I ran into his room, and he was slowly backing into the corner away from the door and the balloons, and was screaming a sound I've never heard come out of him...I felt terrible! The next morning (in the daylight!) he LOVED them though! He and Boone had a great time running through them back and forth giggling all day!
For breakfast we made pancakes together, I let him pour sprinkles on top, and they were pretty much burnt crystallized sugar by the time he was done! He loved them anyway, especially with, of course, candles on top!
We had a pretty regular morning and afternoon, we went to the gym, everyone wished him happy birthday which we loved, then we had to run to WalMart for a few party items, and I let him pick out a new toy, he thought that was awesome. He picked a new Captain America figurine, and he played with it all day! He took a short little rest time, and then eventually came downstairs and it was time to get the car packed and head out to his party! I was a little nervous that no one would come. It had been overcast all day, and about 45 minutes before party time, big dark clouds rolled in, and it started to sprinkle a bit. His party was scheduled to be at the Reunion Trails Splash pad, so an outdoor party in July suddenly had me nervous!
Luckily when we pulled up and had the car all unpacked to everything under the bowery, the clouds went away and it was perfect party weather, low 90's and overcast so it wasn't blazing hot! And one else was there because of the weather, so the kids had the whole splash pad and park to themselves! Easton had a lot of his little buddies show up, and he LOVED running around and playing with all of them. Ryan came after work and brought Little Caesars pizzas, we had grapes and Capri Suns, and the kids were in heaven! I didn't make a cake this year since I'd anticipated super hot weather, and didn't want it to melt. So instead we decided on a simple donut cake, and it was the best desicion ever! The kids LOVED it, and it was super easy clean up!
Easton was so spoiled, and even though we said no gifts (between grandparents and us, there were a ton!) everyone brought him a gift anyway. He had a blast opening them all, and came home with quite a stash!
It was such a great day, we love our sassy little 3 year old so much, and can't imagine life before his sweet little personality!

scary/awesome birthday morning balloons

birthday pancakes!

hanging out with Spidey at WalMart

enjoying his new pool from Grandma and Grandpa Broadbent

present time!

more presents!

and MORE presents!