Thursday, January 26, 2012

new years

so before January ends, I'd better talk about our fun night we had! Our friends Kevin and Lyndie came down after Christmas to spend a week with us and celebrate New Years together. We had so much fun with them. Lyndie and I went shopping lots and attempted to get pedicures, we caught up on baseball gossip and watched our shows together...I even turned her to the Kardashian side! (my goal in life is that everyone will love the K-Klan as much as I do!) And the boys spent a lot of time golfing and watching different games on. We even were able to experience their first time at Five Guys Burgers and Fries with them, and even though Kevin won't admit it, we're sure he likes it more that In and Out :)

New Years was a lot of fun, we had a bunch of treats and appetizers out and ate way too much. Of course we toasted our Martinelli's Sparkling Cider at midnight! We toasted to Kevin getting into a school here in Vegas and hoped they could buy one of the house right across the street! Wouldn't it be great? Also, we played Start the Party on the PS3, and had it was a hoot! We were laughing so hard together.

We've missed these guys so much and had so much fun while they were here. We want all of our friends to come down and spend time with us!!! (PS Alex and Danielle, I can't believe I never blogged about your trip here!!! I feel horrible!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Easton's 6 month photos

My friend Tosha is a photographer and she took the most amazing photos of Easton yesterday! He did so well the whole time, and it was so fun to see him 'in the spotlight!' I am blown away by how grown up he looks in these. He is the most handsome little guy ever!

We used some fun props for him too, some meaningful ones. His tiger Toby that he sleeps with every night and afternoon, his daddy's baby blankie (the yellow and blue one), and his new Panda hat for the Giants next season, he is Pablo 'Panda' Sandoval's newest fan!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the holiday season

Our holiday's were filled with so much fun! It was different this year than ever before because we were able to leave our home in Las Vegas and go to Utah without any distractions. Each day was a whole day of fun with family and friends, and we didn't have to worry about work and school, housework, etc. It was so relaxing, and just a blast! It's fun to spend the holidays completely care free! We did a lot of different things while we were up:

My dad had his annual Christmas Concert with his singing group Sound Choice. I didn't get any pictures at the event, but I did get some from dinner before with my mom's whole side of the family. We went to Chuck-A-Rama (a Paulson tradition for some reason)

I got to go to lunch with my good friend Alyssa. She had her son Parker 3 days before I had Easton, and it was the first time I've seen her since, and the first time the boys met. It was so much fun to see them play, and compare the two together. It's mind-blowing how different babies are!

Ryan went to the movie theatre this afternoon and watched the new Sherlock Holmes, and Mission Impossible. He had a blast and is no longer able to tease me for enjoying my solo movie dates with myself! That night I picked him back up from the theatre and we headed down to Lehi to see our great friends Alex and Danielle. I didn't get any photos of them or their amazing new home they just built. But it was SO great to see them! Danielle made a yummy dinner, and then we just spent time together catching up and soaking up every second before we had to say goodbye again. We love them so much and miss them everyday!

Christmas Eve we started the afternoon at my parents house with all of my immediate family. Since our time schedules all clashed on Christmas day, we decided to exchange the grand kid gifts and gifts to each other this afternoon. It was so much fun to see what we came up with for each other. But mostly fun to watch the kids tear into their new toys!

That night, we headed over to my grandparents house and met up with my cousins and aunt and uncle. We had yummy hor d'ourves for dinner and then opened up the BALL OF FUN! It's a tradition we've done since before I was born: a bunch of little gifts for everyone wrapped up, and then stuck inside a big ball of parchment paper. Grandpa unravels it and passes out gifts to everyone as their name comes up!

As we were getting Easton ready for bed that night, we had quite a scare. We noticed a big rash starting on his arms, neck and back. We fed him his bottle and then checked it again, and it had gotten much worse in just a short amount of time. We were really worried, so Ryan suggested that he and my dad give him a Priesthood blessing. After the blessing, my dad called his friend who is a doctor for some advice. He suggested we get some children's benedryl for him and see how it looked the next morning. We headed to the Smith's...they didn't have any, then Wal*Mart....they were closed (weird?)....and then Wal-Greens. Finally we were able to find the benedryl! We hurried home to check it out and get him the medicine. But as soon as we checked him we were shocked to see that the rash had completely cleared up. There wasn't even the slightest trace of it! It is AMAZING to see the miracles that the Priesthood power can bring.
After we got him to bed, my mom and I got breakfast ready for the next morning, then we read the story of the Christ Child before we headed to bed.

Christmas morning was amazing! It was so much fun to have a little one. Even though he is little and didn't know what was going on exactly, he could sense the excitement and was so happy and fun all day! We were beyond spoiled this year! Ryan got a couple pairs of shoes he has been wanting. I got a VITAMIX! I wanted it so so so badly and Ryan got ahold of my parents and they all went in on it together for me! And of course Easton was spoiled with toys and toys and more toys!

We drove out to West Point to see Ryan's sister Kristin and her family before we headed up to Logan to see the rest of his family. Kim had made some yummy yummy hor d'ourves to snack on, while the guys watched sports. After the game, we opened presents with everyone! They were amazing as always! Ryan got a new driver to add to his set of golf clubs, and I got a bunch of adorable new clothes, and E, he got some more toys :)
For dinner Norm and Kim made a delicious ham and au gratin potatoes, rolls, veggies, salads, etc.

We are so so blessed to have such an amazing family. We are so close to both sides, and each have a fun relationship with each family member that we treasure. The holidays are always such an amazing time to be with family, but even more so when you don't get to see them often and live in a different state.

6 months, half way!!!

I can't believe that 6 MONTHS has gone by! I feel like I'm the parent of a toddler already! He hasn't stopped growing for a second physically or in his personality! He is so much fun to watch every day, and he changes so quick, you don't want to miss a second!

  • 21.4 pounds (96th percentile)
  • 28 inches tall (74th percentile) he grew two inches in one month!
  • he LOVES to blow raspberries
  • likes to put all eight of his little fingers in his mouth at once
  • loves loves loves his baby food and eating
  • he got a new booster chair for Christmas and he looks so grown up in it
  • he got his first ear infection in December, which wasn't nearly as bad as the effects from the antibiotic (diaper rash from H.E double hockey sticks!)
  • started sitting up on his own, when he gets tired he leans forward on his belly to prop him up
  • rolls around like crazy
  • he loves grabbing your face. He is infatuated with noses and eyebrows
  • his 9 month clothes are getting tight
  • as of today his schedule is as follows:
7:30-8:00- 8 oz formula
8:30- two scoops rice with a tub of fruit
9:30-11:30- nap
12:00- 6 oz. formula, 1.5 scoops rice and 1/2 tub veggies
2:00-3:30- nap
4:00- 6 oz. formula
5:30- 2 scoops rice with a tub of veggies
7:00- bathtime, then 8 oz. formula and then bed time
  • He is head over heels in love with Ryan. He can't get enough of his Poppy
  • Likes to watch Baby Einstein
  • Still never cries when he wakes up. We just have to keep checking on him and guess when he will wake up. He is very patient.
  • He has been on 6 plane rides! and 5 of them, he was an angel! (we won't talk about the other time :)
He is such an amazing baby, our other kids have a LOT to live up to!