Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easton's Big Boy Room

Easton is officially in a big boy ROOM! We took the front off of his crib in January, and he did well in the toddler style bed, and this summer we finally got around to cleaning our the office and turning that into a usable bedroom. The whole thing turned our DARLING! Ryan did all the painting and it looks great! I also got a dresser from a friend that was moving a few months back, and I planned to refinish it, and of course Ryan took it over for me, and did such a great job! I am so happy with how the whole room turned out, and Easton is even more thrilled! His favorite part is definitely the basketball hoop. He can't wait until Papa gets home from work and they can go up to shoot hoops together!

The complete room

Dresser BEFORE! Doesn't it look better after Ryan got ahold of it!

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