Wednesday, November 28, 2007

at the cabin

just a picture of us over thanksgiving break at the doyle family fun!


since halloween was in the midst of the infamous world series, and we both love baseball, we decided to go as the "Rival Couple"...Rockies vs. Red Sox. too bad you can't see my shirt all the way. it was just about the most faded "black" shirt in all of D.I. and it had to be from 1992. but it had the rockies logo on it, so it had to do :)


like i said, we've been home about 3 months already, but here ya go. a little piece of capitola, ca for all of you to enjoy too! we absolutely loved everything about out honeymoon. the weather was perfect every day, the ocean was gorgeous, the baseball game was amazing, we went to chuk-e-cheese and played some ski-ball and enjoyed a delicious pizza (haha) and of course we just had fun being together!