Tuesday, June 24, 2008


we found out today that Ryan made the First Team All Conference for USU baseball this past season. He was one of three pitchers in the whole conference that got the award! yay ryan! i'm pretty much married to the most amazing pitcher ever!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

lusting after my long locks

so i just put some new music on my blog as you've probably noticed. so for about the last ten minutes i've just been listening to it and staring at my page (i know i know, how bored am i!) and so i've been staring at the picture of ryan and i on the beach (right above) and it is making me miss my long hair the more i stare it. so i had to stop staring, and start posting. so...i guess that's it. i just want my hair to grow! i'll start pulling on it now since i've gotten so desperate! haha!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my sweet Grandpa

this picture was taken about 2 months ago when my dad and uncle steve went out to move my grandpa to a different home, all the the cna's loved grandpa!

my grandpa has always been the most amazing man to look up to. he served in WWII, went to dental school, married my cute grandma, raised 6 amazingly successful kids, served a mission to thailand, and served as the temple president of the ogden temple. but most of all he was the most amazingly fun and hardworking grandpa. every time we'd go out to visit, we'd always find him in his huge, perfectly manicured garden working, and usually with another cut on his cute bald head from hitting it on a tree, or the swing set, or something else out there! he would always set up the volleyball nets and the hammocks before all the grandkids came over because he knew we loved to play with them. He also kept the pogo sticks in the garage at "kid level" so we could get them out anytime we wanted.

This past Sunday evening he past away after his kids and most of his grandkids came to say goodbye. After a long struggle with alzheimer's disease we all know that it is for the best. His 64th anniversary is on June 10th, and we like to think that grandma came to get him so they didn't have to spend that special day alone. I love him so much, and will miss him greatly, but i know that he is happier now, and he has the garden he's always dreamed of now, and gets to be with my sweet grandma again!

I love you Grandpa!

Monday, June 2, 2008

my current failure

ok, so i'm not really a negative person. but lately i've been looking at blogs that are SO cute, so i decided to change mine up. little did i know that it would delete all my links to different blogs. so i've gone through my comments and added some back in, but as for those of you who have never commented on here (shame on you) i don't have your website anymore, so just comment in this and i'll make sure to add you...i promise you have not been forgotten!