Thursday, August 28, 2008

it's official!

we are both so excited! we have loved our little apartment here on the island so much, with all the time, and hard work we've put into it, it's hard not to love it.
We weren't planning on moving for another two years when we move for Ryan to go to physical therapy school, but when our friends Alex and Danielle showed us their new apartment that they will be living in, we fell in love. We wanted to find one in their same apartment complex, but sadly they were all rented out already. so then the search began...a couple hours on the Internet looking for them, a few outings trying to find them (and getting lost along the way), and a couple tours later, we found the one! it is brand new, we will be only the 2nd people to live there, so it has all new carpets, and appliances, and clean walls with no holes in them. here is our list of things we're most looking forward to about it:

1. nice cool air conditioning

2. a dishwasher

3. washer and dryer hookups

4. a bigger bedroom

5. storage

6. outlets

7. insulation

so tomorrow we're going to sign the lease, then we'll be off to mesquite to celebrate our anniversary for the long weekend, and we'll moving in on Saturday September 6! it will be a busy couple of weeks, but well worth it. we couldn't be more happy!

here is the link to the tour of it on youtube:
i tried to put the actual video in here, but let's be honest....i can't figure out how to do it....ENJOY!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dan and Ashley Derrick

When I moved up to Logan two years ago, I didn't know a soul! I was so worried about making new friends and being away from home. I got a job at Great Harvest, and found out that one of my roommates also was going to be working there, so that was promising! On my first day of work, I found out it was also 3 other girls first day too (including my roommate), and the 4 of us instantly bonded! After a few weeks, i finally got all the names to the right faces, and since then, Alyssa, Ashley and Katie and I have been good friends. Well....last week Ashley got married to her high school sweet heart Dan. It was so much fun to be able to celebrate their marriage with them, and especially to get the little "G.H. gang" back together to catch up since Katie is the only one still working there. We had a great time at the wedding dinner at The Lion House on Wednesday night, and the Reception in Bountiful Thursday night. We ate til we couldn't eat anymore, and danced our little herats out! Too bad Ashley is in Hawaii now and can't keep up the nights of partying with the rest of us...who needs a honeymoon anyway right? Just kidding! Anyway, here are some fun pictures you might like!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Discovery Gateway

On Tuesday I went to Salt Lake with Ryan's mom and sisters and their kids. It was such a fun day! the kids loved the discovery gateway museum, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Applebees, went back for some more playing, and then ended the day with playing in the fountains and eating some delicious ice cream! I must say, my favorite quote from the day was by Mason when he was in the pretend grocery store shopping for 'produce' and he picked up a plastic banana, squeezed it, and then said to me, "it's not ripe yet." and then put it back. i must say, a day with kids and their imaginations is quite refreshing from my day to day life, which i used to think was at least a little entertaining! haha! we had a very fun day!

baseball updates

well all summer long we've lived at the ball park and had a ball! i've taken many pictures, and honestly, they all look about the same. so i decided that before the playoffs begin tomorrow, i'd make a post of the best pictures so far this season. ENJOY!

Like Father Like Son, the Hornets played the Aggies a couple weeks ago, and the Aggies were short a player, so since Norm is pretty good friends with the coach Bret, Bret decided to ask him to play for them! it was so fun to see Ryan and Norm out playing together...even though it was against each other!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


since Tanner is moving on Wednesday, the boys decided to go golfing one last time all together. luckily Kevin brought his camera and i was able to steal some of his pictures so we could share them with all of you. Tanner won which made his last golfing adventure as a Logan resident even better! We're definately going to miss the Cooley's when they move!