Sunday, February 10, 2013

19 months going on 19 years...

Where did my baby go? Everyone warned me that it would go by fast, and I didn't believe you on all those sleepless nights of crying, the blowouts, the feedings, the scheduling around multiple naptimes....but I believe you now! I swear he grew up while I was blinking one afternoon, not even overnight, it really seemed that fast. Easton RULES our house, and we are happy to let him at this point. He always keeps us on our toes and is learning new words or tricks daily. He is quite the manipulator, and he already knows how to play dumb to get his way. He is my best friend, and I love him to death and am so glad I get to spend all day with him. As much as I love my alone time, I love even more that I'm the one he wants at the end of his day. There isn't a better feeling in the world.

He has learned a lot of new 'words'....I put it in quotes because a lot of his little language is only understood by me and Ryan, but that's all the matters right? Here is a list of his growing vocabulary:

  • Uh-Oh
  • Beh-by (baby)
  • Mum (mom)
  • Papa
  • Kah (car)
  • duce (juice)
  • pwEE! (please)
  • bah (ball)
  • ooop. (basketball hoop/basketball on tv/basketball court)
  • iiice (eyes)
  • gan-gu (thank you)
  • teass (cheese)
  • saaw (sock)
  • shooos (shoes)
  • twoo! (if you say 'one' he will reply 'twooo')
  • Bye-E.
He knows where a lot more body parts are:
  • belly (lifts up his, or your shirt and pats it twice)
  • ears (flips them with one hand)
  • eyes (pokes them)
  • nose (picks it)
  • mouth (plays with his tongue)
  • cheeks (slaps both cheeks)
  • toes (sits down, then holds all ten toes)
  • hair (pats his head)
  • hands (points to his palm)
Tricks include:
  • giving 'knucks'
  • gives high fives
  • Says shh, with his finger over his mouth....but it's always followed with a scream, he doesn't understand the concept.
  • Says "Woo Who!" while waving his arms like crazy.... Trying to say "WOOT WOOT", while making the 'raise the roof' arm action, too funny!
Some of his quarks are:
  • This. Kid. LOVES. Garbage. OK, that's an understatement  He is OBSESSED with the garbage. Anywhere we go (doctor, store, post office, etc) he will find the trash can, and carry it around. He insists on throwing away all his diapers by himself before getting the new diaper on. He loves to carry the full trash bags outside to the big trash can. He will beg for his snacks to be opened, not to eat, just so he can throw the wrapper away...he does this during sacrament meeting at church and will throw a tantrum until you take him out the trash can in the hallway.
  • He is a clean freak and has inherited my OCD. When I tell him we are going outside, he will clean up all his toys, turn off the tv, and sit on the step for me to put on his shoes, then he will grab Toby and wait by the door while sucking his thumb. He also picks up and puts away all his toys in the tub when we drain out the water. And like I mentioned...the garbage thing. He finds teeny tiny pieces of garbage on the floor and throws them away for me. He is a human vacuum cleaner for my floors! Who needs a dog when I have him!?