Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This year for Thanksgiving we stayed home in Las Vegas again, we had hoped we would have been able to head to Utah and be with family, but it didn't work out this year. Luckily, our friends, The Halls, who are living in St. George, weren't heading up to Cache Valley either, so they were able to come here for the long weekend and spend a lot of fun time with us. We had such a blast with them, ate way too much, and played games which made us laugh til we cried. It was a very successful weekend! We are so happy we had friends here with us this year to celebrate!

Thanksgiving Eve

Our Holiday Dinner!

our centerpiece.

My favorite part...my banana cream pie. mmm so yummy!
Easton decided to join in the festivities after a 4 1/2 hour nap. 
This is how Ryan shuffles....He's turning 10 next year!

playing one of our favorite board games, "Likewise"

Topped the night off by watching "Despicable Me"

Family Photos 2012

We had our family photos taken at the end of September, and I am SO happy with how they turned out. My friend who've I've met in our ward, Tosha, and her husband Tyler, are photographers (TnT Stanger Photography), and they are SO talented. They make their job look easy, and can get a whole shoot done flawlessly in less than an hour. They made us look so amazing condinsidering... Easton hadn't napped all day, and there were jeeps and trucks out behind us going through all the swamps and puddles, but you'd never know it from how well they turned out. They are exactly what I had in mind, Thanks SO much Tosh!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This year we missed our ward Halloween party since it was over the last weekend while we were in Utah. I was super bummed, but luckily my amazing friend Sheena invited us over to her ward's Trunk or Treat with her family. We have never been to a trunk or treat, and it was so cute how everyone had decorated the backs of their cars to be festive, and it was SO convenient to walk up and down a parking lot and then be done!
On the actual Halloween day, I worked on our kitchen remodel (more on that later) and then that night, we went over to our friends, The Westwoods, house for dinner with a bunch of our ward friends. She made Dinner in  Pumpkin, we had a yummy fall soup, rolls, fancy green beans, and a delicious pumpkin dip! Once we'd all eaten, we got the kids all dressed up, and put the final touches on, then headed out into our neighborhood for trick or treating. Ryan was in charge of the wagon, and Easton loved being part of the big kids. We followed Ryan and the wagon and he scouted out the houses to trick or treat at. It was fun to be able to catch up with all my friends after a month, and just walk around together! 

Trunk or Treat Halloween Party

Autumn "Little Orphan Annie" and Easton the Monkey.
 I made Autumn's dress for her, and it was so much fun, tuned out adorable!

Walking over to The Westwood's for dinner.

Amy, Ezra, Henry, Lincoln, Lydia, Owen and Anaka

Gracen, Kenna, Stetson, Amy, Ezra, Henry, Lincoln and Lydia. 

Easton and Stetson in the wagon

most of the group, unloading :) So cute!

Our little Monkey! He loved his second Halloween!

Park City 2012

I'm pretty sure I married into the best family that I ever could have found. I feel like I fit right in with Ryan's sisters and mom, and they reassure me that I do. I'm blessed! Every year for the last 4 years we have made a tradition of spending a weekend in Park City to just hang out and shop. It is always so much fun, and relaxing....and we end up with so many great deals! This year was no different, although we all went a lot lighter on the shopping, Kristin especially, I was so impressed, maybe one day I can have the kind of self control that she has....maybe!

Super yummy dinner at "501 On Main"

Our amazing condo, same one we stayed in last year!

we always head to Rocky Mountain Chocolates to load up on treats,
 this year i got this AMAZING Apple Pie Caramel Apple.
Julie's Apple, can't remember what flavor, but she loved hers too! 
I colored Kristin's hair that night, and I forgot gloves....mark of a hairstylist right?
me, Lauren and Kristin. Hanging out in Gap giving our opinions on outfits.
Lauren and Kristin
Our total purchase all together. This pile is usually double, we went light remember!?