Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening more ways than one!

Ryan and I both wore our SF Giants shirts today in honor of MLB Opening Day! We can't wait to cheer them on tonight as they play the Dodgers. Hopefully this will be a great season for our defending World Champions!

Alright, onto MY "Opening Day"...Tomorrow will mark the first day of my 30 day Blog Challenge. I have felt like lately my blog has been a bit drab, and I've lacked in the posting department. So to get me back in the swing of things, and back to looking for blogging opportunities. I'm hoping this will kick start my creative edge as well. My friends Alex, and then Camille both did this last year, and I loved reading each of their posts and getting to know them better. I did however change a couple of the subjects to be more fit for this time of year (they did their challenge around Christmas time). If any of you would like to join me in my challenge, I'll post my subjects below so you can follow along, I'd love to read your posts as well!

  • Day 01 - 5 things about you that no one knows
  • Day 02 - A picture of you last year, and now, and how you've changed since then
  • Day 03 - A favorite photo
  • Day 04 - Something I crave
  • Day 05 - Top 10 Pet Peeves
  • Day 06 - Something I bought recently
  • Day 07 - Something I want to buy
  • Day 08 - A favorite song
  • Day 09 - A favorite movie
  • Day 10 - A favorite food and recipe
  • Day 11 - A favorite book
  • Day 12 - A favorite quote
  • Day 13 - What did you do today?
  • Day 14 - Your dream house...
  • Day 15 - Next 3 items on your "Bucket List"
  • Day 16 - A favorite YouTube video
  • Day 17 - A habit you wish you DIDN'T have
  • Day 18 - Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up
  • Day 19 - A hobby of mine
  • Day 20 - Your favorite Christmas tradition
  • Day 21 - A travel story
  • Day 22 - A photo of my family
  • Day 23 - Share a favorite memory
  • Day 24 - 5 Things you love about Summer
  • Day 25 - A place I love
  • Day 26 - A child I love
  • Day 27 - A person I love
  • Day 28 - A secret you want to get out
  • Day 29 - Testimony of the Gospel
  • Day 30 - Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the next 365 days

Thursday, March 24, 2011

baby update

Well, I'm now 22 weeks, over half way! YAY! At our 20 week ultrasound, the little one measured only one day ahead of his due date, so we are right on track! He was confirmed a HE as well. So we now know that little Easton Ryan Doyle is officially on his way, and we couldn't be more thrilled! The ultrasound tech tooks over 60 shots, but most of them were just measurements and Ryan and I couldn't really tell what was going on, she explained it, but now that I look back, I don't really remember what's what in each pic. So I'll just share the good fun ones!

proof of Easton's existence:

his little feet crossed:

it's always hard to get a good facial shot of him, his arms are always in
front of his face:

nice strong back bone!

heartbeat was 141 BPM at this appointment, still the most amazing thing to see and hear.

the best shot we could get of his cute little face, he looks like he is squinting, haha:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Natty's Wish

Everyone try and make it to Chili's today and support Natty's Wish!

Natalie was an amazing childhood friend of mine, and after she passed away from cancer, it was her wish to start the organization Natty's Wish. (Learn more about it here: or You can download coupons from these websites, or right here to bring into Chili's with you today, and a portion of all proceeds will go to her organization. This is taking place in ALL Utah locations today, so no matter where you are in Utah, you can help! Thanks for your help, love and support!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

baby update!

Alright is the GROWING belly over the last month and a half. Next week we find out for sure whether the babe is a little Ryan still, or if the babe has really been a little Anna all along! We're nervous, but either way we'll be happy!

I have been feeling great lately. Not nearly as tired and sleeping the days away. I also have still not had any big main cravings or food aversions. So pretty much I feel completely normal, until I look down!