Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV loves me.

my two FAVORITE shows are coming together as one on Thursday at 4:00 on CBS. Oprah is having the Biggest Loser as guests on her show! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Oprah + Biggest Loser = Anna's FAVORITES! So I guess you all know what I'll be Thursday afternoon, I can't wait!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jazz Game!

Last Thursday while I was at work I got a call from my mom and the first thing she said (even before "hi") was, "Wanna go to a Jazz game?!" of course my answer was yes! My parents had gotten tickets from a friend, but then ended up not being able to go, so they called us to offer them up. They were great seats on the 19th row! We were right up the stairs from where the team bench was. They played to the Portland Trail Blazers who are supposed to be really good this year. We were down at half time, but ended up winning 100-89. It was the last game of the pre-season and it was so much fun! Of course I had to put a picture of the Jazz Dancers in (they are my favorite part of going to the games) and Ryan's favorite player is Millsap, so we got one of him too. All in all we had a great night! It was really nice to get out of the house and have a different date than our usual restaurant and a movie routine. Thanks mom and dad!

Friday, October 24, 2008

before we were who we are.

oh man. we've had too much fun on www.yearbookyourself.com. Just take a look at Ryan and I back when we were in "high school"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

makeup deals!

some of you may have gotten an email about this from me too, but it's too good of an offer to pass up! so here's the scoop!

Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for $1!!! The make-up line e.l.f. (eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They are getting rid of all the make-up in e.l.f. packaging. They are selling everything for $1. You do have to pay shipping though. They have everything - powder, mascara, lipstick, a mineral line (100% natural), brushes & cases, nail polish, lotions, you name it - it's there.
The website is: http://www.eyeslipsface.com
Start shopping and as you add to your shopping cart, you will see the $1 added. Then, when you check out, there is a space for a coupon code. Use "CAROLINA" and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00. They even have tweezers and eyelash curlers for a dollar! Make sure you put CAROLINA in all caps.

Happy beautifying!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alex and Danielle Davis

Our best friends got married on Friday October 17. Ryan and I were able to be there with them for the whole day, our favorite part was being in the temple with them as they were sealed together forever! It was so much fun to listen to what the sealer said and be able to reminisce back to our wedding day over a year ago. They are such a cute couple, and I've never seen such a beautiful bride! Thanks so much for all you do you guys, we love you and congratulations!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

red headed...kinda

Every time I've gone to get my hair done, I've only done blonde and light brown. And I'm really bored with it. Since my hairstylist works with me, I've been throwing ideas at her and we've been trying to figure out what a fun new color would be for me. My hair is naturally really light, so I had to pick a color that the under tone pigment of my hair would be able to pick up. So I suggested doing a strawberry blonde, I thought it might be a fun change and she loved the idea, so she went to the hair store and got a really great color, it looked really dark at first, but it has blended in really well over the last week. I love it so much, I ended up having her do the red as hidden high lights under the layers of blonde on top. So, here's my new do...enjoy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"5" post

As I was looking at other peoples blogs tonight, I found a fun tag so I've decided to tag myself and Ryan, I'll put my answers first, then Ryan's. And also, anyone who feels the need/want to "tag" along (now pun intended, haha) then go ahead and post this too! It's a fun one!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Anna: I was 10 years old, in 5th grade
Ryan: just barley had become a teenager, a way cool 13 year old!
Anna: my best friend Emily and I were the tallest girls in our class
Ryan: my best friend was my cousin Wade
Anna: I loved beanie babies.
Ryan: I played soccer, which sport I now despise.
Anna: I was positive I was going to marry Andrew Morris, and we would have all our kids names start with "A"
Ryan: I got sent home from school for getting in a fight
Anna: I had a perm
Ryan: I won the "6th grade Cedar Ridge Lunch Time Inter mural Championship"

Name 5 things on your to do list for the weekend
Anna: Vacuum the house
Ryan: go to Alex and Danielle's wedding
Anna: go grocery shopping
Ryan: pray that the 49er's will beat the New York Giants
Anna: buy tickets to Thriller for Monday night
Ryan: play my PS3
Anna: go the the Davis wedding (yes, you officially be the Davis Family when you guys read this!)
Ryan: help my wife with chores (i think he felt guilty after i told him my to do list)
Anna: clean out my car
Ryan: get some sleep (not that bad i guess...haha)

5 snacks you enjoy:
Anna: Kettle Corn
Ryan: Mt. Dew
Anna: Diet Coke (i know it's a drink, but i consider it a snack)
Ryan: Oreo's in milk
Anna: for this season, Candy Corns
Ryan:chocolate Chex Mix bars
Anna: store bought frosting from the tub
Ryan: kettle corn
Anna: Peanut Butter M&M's
Ryan: brownies and ice cream

5 things you would do if you were a billionaire:
Anna: go to a spa, for a whole entire day!
Ryan: buy a MLB team
Anna: take a vacation to some private tiny island (like the one in Breaking Dawn for you Twilight fans)
Ryan: buy my wife a Range Rover (i didn't tell him to put that)
Anna: buy a new wardrobe
Ryan: drop out of college
Anna: pay off our debts, put money away for Ryan's physical therapy school, then save the rest
Ryan: pay off debts
Anna: buy a big house and decorate with things that are not from clearance centers/sale racks
Ryan: buy a new house with a bowling alley in it

List 5 bad habits:
Anna: Popping my fingers, toes, hips, neck, back, ankles, etc....
Ryan: bite my fingernails
Anna: Speeding (it's a much better contained habit now)
Ryan: drink Mt. Dew late at night
Anna: slouching, I need to improve my posture badly.
Ryan: procrastinate doing all my homework
Anna: pulling split ends
Ryan: play too much PS3
Anna: scratching my ears with anything my nails, a bobby pin, a pen...
Ryan: crack my knuckles

List 5 places you have lived:
Anna: Ogden, Grandma's house, North Ogden, Snow Hall, Island Apartment, New Apartment (six places in two cities)
Ryan: San Jose CA, North Logan UT, MTC in Provo UT, Dallas TX, Mt Pleasant TX

5 jobs you've had:
Anna: cleaning my neighbors dental office
Ryan: painted classrooms at Sky View High School
Anna: Golden Corral
Ryan: painted USU campus housing
Anna: Pointe Theatre
Ryan: remodeled Wild Heart Western
Anna: Great Harvest
Ryan: Physical Therapy Aide
Anna: Impact Payment Solutions
Ryan: the greens mower at Logan River Golf Course

What would you like to be doing in 25 years?
Anna: (I'll be 45) I'd like to be the coolest mom on the block, and still living the newly wed happy go lucky life with my hunka burnin lovin husband!
Ryan: (I'll be 48) I'd like to own my own Physical Therapy clinic, have season tickets to a professional sports team, watch my sons play high school sports (not soccer though), have my wife still be smokin' hot. and that's it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


this is how i feel.
ok. so I've had a new camera for a couple months now, and I KNOW that I'm not using it to it's full potential. It's a Canon Powershot SX100 IS. I've just spent the last hour trying to look up any helpful tips or instructions of how to use it better, but all I've done is mess up the setting terribly and now I don't know how to un-do what I've done.

So, if anyone out there (i.e. photographers...Kylie if your reading this...) knows anything that might help me out, or anyone that would be willing to save a confused girl, then feel free to go ahead and leave a comment or give me a call.

I got this camera so I could pick up a new hobby, I've always been interested in photography, but I'm getting more and more frustrated and my hobby is not developing because of it...HELP!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Friday was Ryan's 23rd birthday! I have been planning it out in my mind for awhile now, and it all turned out just as I had planned. He had a baseball game that night, afterwards I had a bunch of our friends come over and I had made Barbeque Chicken Pizzas, Pepperoni Pizzas, bread sticks, and a yummy salad and a cake. All that preparation was a ton of work, but nothing compared the the preparation of his gifts! As many of you know Ryan has been wanting a Playstation 3 for a long time now! That's all he wanted, and he would tell me every day about a new "plan" he had come up with in order to get it. He even was so desperate for one, that while telling a friend at work about his undying need for a PS3, that he told her "If Anna would just let me get one, then we can have a baby!" HA! well, no need for that right now, but thanks for the permission Ryan, I'll keep that in mind! Anyway, I was not going to get him one, no way, no how, he already has a Playstation 2 that serves him fine. So I went out and got him a new shirt (the one he is wearing in the pictures), a jacket, some jeans and the new movie Ironman, which we love. So I got them all wrapped up, and set out in the family room, and I was ready for Friday to come, I had the dinner planned, the presents bought...bring on the big day! Then, Wednesday night Ryan proposed a new "plan" that sounded a little more appealing to me. This is was it was: Go to Best Buy and get the PS3. Then I could get new bedding for our new bed also (we've been looking forever for bedding, but couldn't find anything that met our criteria: green and cream, comes in a set, and a good price). So that was the new plan, I told him I'd think about it, but that we would talk about it more after his birthday. Well, little did he know, I thought it was a great idea, and if it would finally satisfy his burning desire, then I'd do it. So I headed over to Best Buy after work on Thursday and bought it. Yep. I did it. I gave in. I know all of you wives out there think I'm crazy....but I also headed over to Kohls afterwards and guess what I found...TA DAH! a 16 piece set, green and cream king size bedding set for an amazing price!!!! It was like the stars were aligning for the Doyle's that day! So I hurried home before Ryan got home from work and hid all my new purchases! Then on Friday, after the game when everyone was here, I hurried upstairs and set out the new bedding with a sign on it that read "GREEN AND CREAM = RYAN'S DREAM?" Then I came back down, sat down by Ryan and asked him to run upstairs to put away his other gifts that had already been opened. He saw the bedding, and the sign and knew that he could go get his precious PS3...little did he know, that while he had been upstairs I had got it out and set it on the floor so when he came back down he could see it all laying there. BOY WAS HE SURPRISED! He came down the stairs and saw everyone staring at him, and was really confused when he saw the camera and the video camera out...then he saw it!!!! He gasped, ran back up stairs, panicked for a minute, then came half way back down to peek out again to make sure it was real, stood back with tears in his eyes, then came down. You can see the look on his face in the pictures below. Shocked? I'd say so! He says it was his second best day of his life (second to our wedding day, aww!) So I think it was worth it! We had a really fun night!

I'm going to try to upload the video of all the action later today, but until then, enjoy the photos!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


OK, so as I promised, I'm posting pictures of the apartment now that it's finished. It looks a LOT different in person, but not so much in pictures...so just play along with me:

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room After:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

This is my favorite wall of new decorations, and my new favorite pillows:

We love our new house so much! It's so nice to have so much more space, and fun new things to fill it up with, we're so happy!