Sunday, July 27, 2014

4th of July

Ryan worked the first part of the day on the fourth this year, so our festivities started that afternoon. We drove out to Nick and Sheena's for a yummy BBQ and to swim all afternoon, then we cleaned up and headed out to Boulder City for the Damboree Celebration. We have gone out there for the last three years, and the last two have been with the Harris' now. We love the small town feel you get out there. It's so much fun to watch the fireworks and have a live band playing around you with little kids running around and playing! It was a nice overcast day, and sprinkled a few times which turned out to the perfect because it wasn't miserably hot! Love the fourth of July, and we love making new tradtions with friends!
Swimmin' and shootin' hoops, two of the buddy's favorite things!

Sheena and I :)

Can't get enough of this little guy and that sweet smile.

Papa and Easton takin' it easy.

The Doyle's

The whole group!

Creepy Ryan...

...thinks he is soooo funny. I love him to death anyway!

Magical fireworks!

Kristin and The kids Visit!

Kristin and I talk very often with RubyClaire, and one day I mentioned that she should come down to visit and rescue me from a bad day....she took me up on it that coming weekend and I was so thrilled! We had so much fun planning things to entertain the kids, and soaked up every second of time together! Ryan and Norm were away to San Francisco for his graduation trip, so the timing was perfect and I was so glad to have company here instead of being alone!

wasted no time getting started to play, Easton was immediately in heaven to have some buddies around!

we took the kids to Bellagio to see the fountains and see the Strip, they were quite amazed at all the big tall building, flashing lights and people EVERYWHERE! We took them to Serendipity afterwards for some Frozen Hot Chocolates that hit the spot!

Pizza and Bowling! This was Easton's favorite night he said, he even got a STRIKE!!! (with the bumpers...)

fun at the Reunion Trails Splash Pad

Splash Pad fun!

The Dahl boys pre-haircuts, still as handsome as ever!

at the movie in the park at the Distict in Green Valley

watching Frozen didn't last long, none of the kids could see from laying on the blankets since lots of people were on lawn chairs. 

We had an early birthday celebration for Easton so all his cousins could share the excitement.

Car Cake!

Sheena invited us to meet her at the Children's Museum, and it was perfect to give the kids a break from the sun. This hurricane machine was a favorite for sure, they LOVED standing in the high winds!
water room...Mason was cooperative, Easton and Dax were a little too busy for a picture!

Boone's First Birthday

JUNE 17 little Booner man turned ONE! I sure love this little pup! We took him to get a nice fresh grooming that day, and Easton and I headed to Petsmart to get him some new toys, shampoo, and treats!

Sky View High School 10 year Reunion

Ryan has officially been graduated from high school for ten years. I'd say in those ten years he accomplished quite a bit too! He served a full time LDS mission to Dallas, TX. Got married, graduated with his bachelor's in Exercise Science from USU, had his first kid, went to graduate school and graduated there with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and now has his second baby on the way! Along with lots of other milestones along the way, he sure has done a lot!
It was fun to fly up to Utah for the weekend, and see some of his best friends and their wives, and also get to meet a lot of other friends I'd never met.
We also were lucky that the reunion was held over Father's Day weekend so we got to see both of our dad's and spend time with them!

Ryan and Anna, Dallin and Morgan Watts, Austin and Brianne Galbraith.
Missing Tanner and Kirstin Cooley, who would've completed the group of BFF's!

Ryan, Dallin, Sharli, Austin
Dallin honoring Tanner (he couldn't make it due to shoulder surgery)
Sharli and Abby

MAUI 2014

To say we were excited for our Hawaii trip, is a TOTAL understatement! We left Monday morning, the 19th, so the day right after graduation. Our flight had one layover in LA, and then straight through to Maui. As we were landing in Hawaii, I was watching out the window, and tears came to my eyes. It was absolutely breathtaking, and I was so happy to be there. I couldn't believe how green everything was, everywhere you looked! When we got to Hawaii, we went to the grocery store first and got some basics for the condo, then headed to check into Noelani. Grandma, Kurt and Kerry were staying there during our whole trip, and we had dinner with them the first night, and also a few other meals throughout our whole vacation. It was really fun to catch up with them, and spend some quality one on one time together.
While we were there, we didn't want to have a strict agenda to follow, so we just had an idea of things we'd like to do, and went from there day to day. We went the Big Beach the most, Ryan's favorite. We went shopping on Front Street, and also at Whaler's Village. We LOVED going out to eat at all the fun restaurants with island flair. One day we took a drive to the other side of the island and drove the Road to Hana, we hiked the Pipiwai Trail to the Waimoku Waterfall. It was incredible, and so worth the drive....even though I was super car-sick/pregnancy sick the whole drive there and back! When we hiked back down the trail, we went to the Seven Sacred Pools of Ohe'o. Unfortunately they were closed to the public and we couldn't swim, but it was still gorgeous to sit and just watch all the water run through the pools and out to the ocean.
Another day we hiked up to Nakalele Point to see the blowhole, and the heart cut out shape in the rocks. It was a fun hike in since you just park on the side of the road and make your own trail in. There isn't a specific marked way to go, so it's fun to just explore! We walked through a big spot of lava rocks, and it looked like what we imagined Mars would look like, so cool! The blowhole was awesome, and we Ryan stood close to it for a photo, it blew up one of the biggest sprays we saw, it was awesome, and he was totally soaked!
We also went to Honolua Bay a couple of times, that was my favorite beach since the water is about chest high for a long way out, and the waves are very mild!
It was such a fun and gorgeous trip, Noelani was incredible and we feel so lucky that Ryan's family owns it, and we have access to such a gorgeous place to stay!
We seriously can't wait to go back again, and experience it all again!

view on our Lanai at Noelani...welcome to Hawaii!!

First day at Big Beach, successful day of boogie boarding for Ryan!

my view at Big Beach. pretty lovely!

My boogie boarding pro

pizza at Whaler's Village, pretty huge and tasty!

turtles in the bay right down the path from our Noelani condo

dinner with Grandma, Kurt and Kerry at Leilani's on the Beach in Whaler's Village

made a pit stop along the Road to Hana

Hana pit stop selfie!

hiking through the bamboo forest on the way to Waimoku Falls

Ryan in front of the Waimoku Falls

we made it!

Ryan's agile jumping skills off of Black Rock

homemade dinner on the lanai with a view!

Big Beach round 2!

announcing to the rest of the world that we are expecting!

loving our Luau experience

Luau time!

Feast of Lele Luau

Nakalele Blowhole

heart in the rock near the Blowhole

Ryan was a great boogie boarder, and since I'm not the best swimmer, I made for a great spectator and bobbler!

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Slappy Cakes, make your pancakes = awesome!

loving ourselves some breakfast!

tossing my lei, and hoping to come back soon!