Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update on Infertility

I don't really know what to call this stage of my life. I hate identifying myself with 'infertility' not because I'm ashamed or there is something wrong with it, I just hate the way it consumes you.
Last I wrote about everything was in January, I had done one round of Follistim injections, which didn't work, and I was ready for a break. Well, I took a break, it was awesome, and really good for me to feel like myself again.
I didn't want to wait too long before starting on the injections one last time. Dr. Swainston told me that we could move my dose of injections up one more time, but if that still didn't work then, after that he would need to refer me to a fertility specialist. So in May I went back, and got the injections again, went home, started my Provera (medication that makes my menstrual cycle start). Once I started my cycle, I realized that we would be in Utah during the time I needed to do the injections and go in for my  follicle count ultrasounds and blood tests. So I called the office, and they said I needed to wait until I got back since they didn't want me to be traveling while on the Follistim injections schedule.
So, once we got back, I started on the Provera again, finally got my cycle to start, and went in for my first follicle count ultrasound. While I was there, Dr. Swainston saw something on the screen that concerned him. He asked if I was pregnant, it seemed like it was a miscarriage because there was no heartbeat, and my heart dropped. He also thought it may be a cyst or polyp, but they had me do a pregnancy test to make sure. The test came back negative. So they scheduled me to come back for a second ultrasound a week later, at the end of my cycle, to see if whatever it was had passed or was still there.
I went in for that ultrasound last week, the tech doing it didn't seem to see anything that she thought would be cause for concern, but when I talked to Dr. Swainston he said there was a grape-sized polyp in my uterus and that I would need to have it removed by preforming a hysteroscopy. He said that a lot of times, they polyps can act as an IUD and prevent implantation from taking place.
So, tomorrow I will be calling the surgical coordinator at the surgical center to schedule that procedure. I am so glad that they did find something that could be fixed. It is so much better know that there is something that I can do physically to help myself, and not just wonder why I am not getting pregnant.

The Davis' Visit

Our sweet friends Alex and Danielle were in town for a work conference Alex had to go to. They were staying at the Luxor, but we still were able to spend a lot of time with them. Between his meetings, the boys were still able to find time to go golfing twice, and Danielle and I were able to go shopping, and hang out anoher time for a whole afternoon, we met them at The Luxor to swim one afternoon, and before they left, we even snuck in a dinner. They are so awesome, and we all get along so well, They have known us since our first date since they were one of the couples who set us up on that blind date. We have been through everything together, and we miss them like crazy all the time! Their sweet baby Kate has a sweet spot in Easton's heart, he still calls out "KIIITE!" for her, maybe one day we can use these photos in a wedding video for them!

after swimming at the Luxor

I am completely smitten with this little one!

this gorgeous girl...I'm so lucky to have her!

yummy dinner at Genghis Grill. So. Much. Fun.

Father's Day

Ryan is the best. Enough said. He is my rock, and best friend. I love him so much and Easton is SO lucky to have him as his dad! In Ryan's eyes, Easton is the WORLD! Kim and I always talk about how much Ryan has 'softened' since becoming a dad. He would do anything for his little boy, and they are already the best of friends. I am so excited to watch their relationship grow for the rest of our lives.
my boys. two peas in a pod.

"a cozy!?" Easton LOOVES to get cozy with Ryan and watch a show

playing the drum in nursery with dad on Father's Day

Newport Beach

A few of the girls from my ward and I went on a girls weekend trip to Newport Beach a few days after we got back from Utah. It was amazing, the girls are all so much fun, and we get along so well. Tara and her family moved to Texas for her husbands residency, just a couple weeks after we got back. And Melanie and her family moved about about a month later to the other side of the Las Vegas valley in Summerlin. So it was fun to have a fun long weekend all together before we lost them. We spent our days at the beach all day. At nights we went to dinner and walked the boardwalk. One morning there was a surf competition going on that we sat and watched. It was really fun to just get to know all of them as 'friends' and not just 'mom friends'. We had so much fun, and I can't wait for next year!

Sheena Hawks, Natalie Pettit, Marinda Westwood, Melanie Visser, Tara Farnsworth, and me

watching the surf competition

walking the boardwalk after dinner

dinner on the boardwalk
Natalie, Sheena, me, Marinda, Melanie, and Tara

sleeping 6 in one hotel room. 5 squished on two queen beds pushed together,
and one on the floor on a blow up mattress. Haha, too much fun!

When we walked out of the hotel, we just walked across the street to the beach. 

boogie boarding!


On the way home, we stopped in Primm to ride the roller coaster at Buffalo Bills Casino
...4th steepest drop in the USA!

Doyle Family Photos

Ryan's family hasn't had family photos done since before he left on his mission, so about eight years ago. Mason was a baby, and the only grandchild at the time, and obviously DJ and I weren't even a twinkling in their eyes yet! So we were so excited the Lauren put together a family photo shoot while we were up. The photos turned out beautiful! We went to the South Camp ground at Willard Bay, and had Jessica from Jessica's Photography shoot us.