Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Run Plus Fun

This summer, we have found a great indoor playground to go to while the heat is blazing outside! My friend Haley and her friend Taly invited me the first time, and we had such a blast! It's called "Run Plus Fun" and it's such a great layout inside, where you really can let your kids run free, and still see them from anywhere! Best part: they have a HUGE comfy couch for the mama's to hang out on, while the kiddos play! Easton always takes the best naps after playing here many great things about this place!
We loved it so much, that I invited my friend Heidi and her boys a couple weeks later to go again, and she of course loved it too! I think it's probably impossible NOT to love this place when you have little kids with a ton of energy!
Loves the Ball Pit

Favorite thing to do, climb this ladder!

"Hello Mom!"

a snack?

He thought he was pretty clever in the tunnel


Easton and Colson climbing the the big kid slides

Colson was much quicker :)


loving the balls again

Easton and Colson

Wee! Fastest slides ever!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Ink Designs

I'm so excited, and happy to unveil my new Etsy Shop, Little Ink Designs! I've loved making onesies for friends and family who have had babies recently, and of course I love making them for Easton too. People have kept telling me I should start selling them, but I never thought much about it. Finally I decided it would be a fun way to make a little extra money while we are on our 'starving student budget'. I designed and sewed a whole bunch back in May, and Ryan's dad was so nice and took them to a trade show he was going to for his store. They did better than I thought, and once I'd started, I couldn't shake it! Now that I have an Etsy shop, and Facebook page I'm hoping more people will know that I make them, and hopefully be able to refer some business to me.