Monday, June 11, 2012

11 months!

Easton had his 11 month birthday on Friday! He is getting so big, and pretty much a year old! It's crazy! We have joked for a couple months, that he is like a toddler who is stuck in a baby's body...and that is more true now than ever! He just wants to do everything like the big kids, and loves watching and playing with bigger kids, not so into the babies though!

  • weighs around 27 lbs.
  • has 5 teeth...three on the bottom, two on top.
  • mastered climbing the stairs, and hasn't ever stumbled or fallen down
  • Toby is officially his best friend! We drove home from Utah, and tied Toby to his carseat. Best. Idea. Ever,. He didn't cry even once the whole drive!
  • He is getting over his 'shy' spurt. He just needs a couple minutes to warm up to a new person, then he will be your best friend, especially if you will hold him and his friend Toby.
  • He loves to look out the window
  • He is a forward facer in the car now, and thinks looking at the lights out the front window is pretty great.
  • He is a very good walker if you help hold his hands/hand/or holds onto a piece of furniture.
  • This week will be his first without mom or dad at night...we are going on a cruise, and are excited...and nervous. Grandma and Grandpa will be the sitters!
  • He knows how to drink through a straw!
  • I finally found some shoes that fit his chubby little feeties. So his first shoes are a size 5, velcro sandal, camo print, and very cute.
  • He had another haircut, that makes 5 or 6?
  • He says "ah dah" for everything, so we think he says a lot of phrases, like: "all done" "hi dad" and "hot dog" :)
  • We are working on waving and clapping still, he just doesn't have any interest in doing anything on his own, he just smiles til you help him do anything...smirky little guy!
  • He is wearing 12-18 months, and 18-24 month clothes.
  • He loves peek-a-boo!