Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Well Ryan and I both enjoyed our long and relaxing weekend! We may have enjoyed it a bit too much because going back to work this morning was very difficult for both of us!

We started the weekend off in a great way...a classic summertime bonfire! We went up to Smithfield Canyon with our friends Kevin and Tera and roasted marshmallows and starbursts (mmm, if you've never tried roasting a starburst, you must do it next time you're camping!!!)

On Saturday, I had our May Enrichment activity to put on, and it was so much fun! We planted the flower seeds into the flower pots we got from our husbands in church on Mothers Day, we also had a taste-testing/recipe exchange. We planted all the extra pots for the girls who couldn't make it to the activity, and who weren't in church that Sunday (If you're reading this, and you're one of these girls, then please let me know! I have a whole tray of these pots at my house, haha!)

Sunday, we spent the day taking long naps and listening to the rain outside pouring down! It was a great Sunday! We have been really busy the last couple weeks, and haven't had a Sunday at home for long time, so it was great to be able to come home from church get in pj's, and just stay in all day! Later that night, Kevin and Tera came over to celebrate Kevin's birthday with us (it was on Saturday). All we really did was eat this cake I made, it was so cute! I tried to make a baseball cake for Ryan awhile ago, and it was awful! Luckily Kevin's worked out (although getting the red sprinkles all the way down the sides of the ball was quite difficult!)

Then on Monday, Ryan got up before me and made a delicious breakfast of waffles with strawberries and cream, and some scrambled eggs! Then he went to play basketball with some friends, and I stayed home and cleaned my neglected house. Then we took Ryan shopping for some new clothes, and hung out at Sam's Club and picked up a hot dog and soda combo for lunch (I wish baseball fields had a hot dog and soda for $1.50!!!) Then later that night, we went to Wolverine and Costa Vida with Kevin and Tera again!

It was a great weekend! Now the rest of the week should go by pretty quickly, we have 2 weddings to go to, and Ryan has 3 baseball games this week (Tonight, Thursday, and Saturday if anyone is interested in coming!)

p.s. I just had to post pictures of my cute garden, it's only been a week since I planted these seeds and I can't believe how much they have already grown! I think all my plants loved the rain on Sunday as much as we did....check out those beans and lettuce sprouts!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

family photos

This past weekend we went to Ogden to have our family pictures taken. We hadn't had them done in such a long time! So we needed to get one with Ryan and Savannah and Jordan in it. My mom's friend Marjean took them for us (she also did our wedding) and she did a great job! Here are a couple of my favorites!

Monday, May 18, 2009

April showers (and snow storms) bring May flowers (and veggies)

I finally got my garden planted! It's just a small one, but I know it will produce more food than Ryan I will be able to eat, so it should be plenty for us! I can't wait for the veggies to start growing! I planted green beans, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, and roma tomatoes! I wish that instead of little seeds and tiny sprouts that it was already producing! mmm, I love summer dinners full of fresh vegetables! Let's hope I can keep them all alive!

I also planted some pretty flowers by the front door. I made sure to get the kind of flowers that are good for cutting to put in a vase, but will still keep growing back. I'm pretty excited for these little beauties to start growing too, I'm most excited for the gerber daisies! They are the epitome of a happy summer I think! Hopefully I'll be able to keep all my plants alive this year, last year they were so pretty for about a month, and then the sun fried them, I think I have enough shade this year for them though, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Maybe these new neighbors of our will help keep my plants alive and well...unless the nice treat we got them doesn't kill them first (wasp spray) we've found these two beehives in our window above the grill, one in the grill, and one was in the long pot. The one in the pot and grill we knocked out because they were still small enough, but these two keep growing! I'm really hoping the spray works quickly, because there are more and more bees outside our back door every day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


alright, we've been up to a lot of different things for the last little while, and have spent a lot of time with our friends, it's been really great! Especially with Ryan finishing up school last week, it's been fun to have time to hang out and relax, and do what we want to in our spare time...so here's a little taste of that:

we went bowling with a big group of friends to celebrate the official end of finals last Thursday, it was so much fun! Although I was the worst bowler of our group (ten people!) I still had a great time!!!

I went to breakfast on Saturday in Ogden with some of my high school friends. It was great to get together and catch up before they all go their seperate ways this summer, Kylie, she's going to Cali for the summer for an intership as a photograher (check out her blog here, she's amazing!) Allie, she's going to Texas to be a counselor at an all girls camp, and Chelsea, she's leaving on her mission to LA in June, and me, I'm not going anywhere, haha!

On Monday, we helped our friends the Davis' move from their apartment. They are moving into his parents house in Pleasant Grove for the summer, and then moving to the Ogden area in the fall to go to Weber State. We are going to miss them so much, not only during the summer, but all next year too! It's been so great to have such close friends up here by us, and we wish them the best as they move on!

Last night, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with our friends the Gooch's and the Luce's. It was so much fun! Kari made delicious fajitas, they had a pinata (which Ryan DESTROYED after we all had a turn taking a wack at it, let's just say, only about half the candy stayed in it's wrapper and unshattered), we also played musical chairs, CINCO (the Spanish version of BINGO), and the game Uno! We had so much fun spending time with them!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

free dinner!!!

Oprah is having a KFC meal deal give away from now until May 19, so if you're feelin' lazy and don't want to cook, print this out, and get some free grub! (We're going to print out 2 tonight and each get the deal since it's one per customer)

Happy eating!