Tuesday, September 9, 2014

House For Sale!

Ryan and I have ALWAYS been looking at houses and developments since we moved to Las Vegas and have gotten to know the area more. It's one of our favorite pastimes, and a couple months ago we stumbled upon such a gorgeous neighborhood in an area called Southern Highlands here in Las Vegas. It also had one of the biggest lots we found...ever (just under 1/4 acre, haha!) We loved it so much, so we made the decision that we would put money down on the lot, and get the house listed. We have a contract with the builder that hopefully our home now will be under contract to be sold within 30 days then they will break ground to start building the new home. We are keeping our fingers crossed, but also know that what will happen...will happen. IF everything goes to plan, and our home sells, we will be in a rental for the holidays and when the new baby comes, then the house would be ready in February. If the house doesn't sell however, we will stay put through everything and relist in the springtime and hope to find another lot that we love as much as the one in Southern Highlands!
Home Listing: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/6836-Mahogany-Meadows-Ave-Las-Vegas-NV-89122/68271434_zpid/

Our house plan in Southern Highlands

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